Balsamic Royalty

Balsamic Royalty


Balsamic in a mini champagne bottle from a Modena producer established in 1605. This was the official vinegar of the King of Italy. A Mix with olive oil, chickpeas and a dash of salt for a quick appetizer. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Cannellini beans packed in lightly salted water. For a quick Mediterranean appetizer, mix with olive oil, balsamic and a little salt. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Hand crafted breadsticks (grissinetti) made with white wine, garlic, sea salt and olive oil. The ultimate Italian snack. Can you stop eating them? (Puglia, Southern Italy)

Rich sauce made with tomato,  extra virgin olive oil, and artichoke or eggplant. A ready-made sauce for pasta and bruschetta, or warm up for a simple dipping sauce for mini breadsticks or your favorite cracker. (Campania, Southern Italy)

Caramelized fig preserve that’s smooth and thick with rich, sweet flavors, or sliced sun dried figs marinated in rum and packed in chestnut honey. A natural toast spread, but also pairs with savories like hard cheeses (parmesan) and barbecued meats (steak and pork chops). (Calabria, Southern Italy)

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Product Details

  • Authentic Italian sweets and savories
  • Ready to eat gift box
  • Food items complement one another perfectly
  • Instant party appetizer platter for hosting
  • Includes insert with detailed item descriptions and beautiful photos of suggested arrangements

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