What's Inside & Package Options

Taste Italy Monthly

Buy a 6-mo, 12-mo, or month-to-month subscription. Pay upfront and save!

Little Italy

Always includes pasta and sauce, along with at least one sweet item.
4-5 items per box

Gusto di Roma

A mix of exquisite and straightforward items. Some include artisanal salami.
5-6 items per box

Gusto Exclusive

Elegant, custom-designed packages adorned with black and white lithographs of Rome in the 1700s. Includes 6-8 delicious and exquisite items per box

Shipping & Ordering Info

We typically ship within 48 hours of your order via USPS Priority Mail and can ship within the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Packages can take 1-6 days to arrive, depending on their destination. We ship from Northern California.


All items non-perishable
Items complement one another perfectly
Ready to eat gift box
Instant party appetizer platter for hosting
Includes insert with detailed item descriptions and beautiful photos of suggested arrangements