Can’t Wait to Travel Again?

Can't wait to travel again

Can’t Wait to Travel Again?

By Antimo Cimino, Italy travel expert at VoomaGo

We know that no matter where in the world you are, one heavy thought is occupying your minds and hearts: When is the world going back to normal again?

The challenge is how do you even define normal now, when it is very possible that “Normal” was what got us here in the first place. The pandemic and the rebellion against institutional racism around the world have created a double whammy effect that has shaken our consciousness and that will change our world. We should all wish for a world that is more just, more respectful, more compassionate and we must all to do our part to make it so.


There is a strong sentiment among thousands of people that travel has made and will continue to make a difference in how we show up in the world, in how we lead our lives.

In fact, Experiential Travel in particular has the ability to shift our perspective – the person who travels seeking to participate in the culture and engages with the locals will return a different person. 

Travel is the best teacher one can wish for because it is grounded in the living experience and on the emotions, we feel as we encounter cultural values different from our own.


Experiential Travel makes you introspect and think more deeply about differing worldviews and personal growth. Travel is not just about the beautiful things you see and the exotic food you eat, above all travel is about human connections and the ongoing search for meaning and growth.

When talented scientists from around the globe will have a vaccine, or possibly sooner we will travel again. Until we can, consider traveling with a different attitude, one based on curiosity, one that starts at the basic foundation of being human and yet needing to appreciate, understand and validate cultural differences.

The traveler that gets excited about cultural differences becomes aware that travel has a dual purpose, an inner journey of discovery and an outer journey of exploration and adventure. 


Can’t wait to travel again? Be ready to explore, adventure, and recalibrate your inner compass!

Have an open mind, put on your experiential travel lenses and hopefully in 2021 join me as we dive deeper into the Italian culture. Italian people will envelop you with their warm sense of hospitality, their homes will become your home opening the door to life-long friendship and memories to last you a lifetime! 

Remember, a destination is not a place, but a new way of seeing thing! Contact me if you would like help with creating a travel itinerary, customize your family trip, or join one of my existing trips  

See you in 2021.

Read original article on Antimo’s blog at VoomaGo

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