Cerignola Olives & More

Cerignola Olives & More


  • Cerignola olives – large, meaty and green. Add to salads, or enjoy as is, like we do! (Puglia, Southern Italy)
  • Penne Ziti Rigate. One of our go-to pastas at home. Made of durham wheat semolina. Pair with the this month’s red pepper sauce. (Campania, Central Italy)
  • Spicy Calabrese salami made of pork, sea salt and wine. Slice for the centerpiece of a charcuterie board. (US made)
  • Caramelized and grilled small onions marinated in white wine vinegar. Slice in half and add to appetizer plate. Pair with your favorite cracker or warm bread, and add to salads. (Le Marche, Central Italy)
  • Sweet red pepper sauce with ricotta cheese and Sicilian pecorino cheese. Make a steaming bowl of pasta with this month’s penne pasta. (Sicilia, Southern Italy)
  • Dark chocolate bar made with 70% cacao. (Piemonte, Northern Italy)

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Product Details

  • Authentic Italian sweets and savories
  • Ready to eat gift box
  • Food items complement one another perfectly
  • Instant party appetizer platter for hosting
  • Includes insert with detailed item descriptions and beautiful photos of suggested arrangements

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