Pasta della Puglia

Pasta della Puglia


  • Small whole tomatoes grown near Mt. Vesuvius (Gulf of Napoli) packed in water and salt. Add this month’s “boscaiola” mix and cook down. (Campania, Southern Italy)

  • Genoa-style salami made without preservatives, all-natural ingredients. Slice and add to your incredible charcuterie board! (USA)

  • Boscaiola sauce mix with dried eggplant, onions, mushrooms, tomato flakes, bell pepper, garlic. Follow simple recipe on the label using the jar of peeled tomatoes included in this box. (Calabria, Southern Italy)

  • Ground hot pepper in a reusable jar from a region world famous for its spicy red peppers. (Calabria)

  • Pasta from Puglia made in the shape of dates. Its twisted shape will catch the spices and tomato chunks. (Puglia, Southern Italy)

  • Chocolate spread that is thick and sweet. Add a dollop to your vanilla ice cream! (Sicilia, Southern Italy)

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Product Details

  • Authentic Italian sweets and savories
  • Ready to eat gift box
  • Food items complement one another perfectly
  • Instant party appetizer platter for hosting
  • Includes insert with detailed item descriptions and beautiful photos of suggested arrangements

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